Not all products are built to last forever. A preventive and a corrective maintenance is always needed to be in place to ensure proper system functionality.

In NLG, we take care of our supplied installed solutions and we build it to last for a long time, however certain hardwares and accessories used within the system, need proper maintenance to perform effectively.

Our professional team is at the utmost readiness to provide 24h service through yearly maintenance contract or On-call services.

NLG maintenance team doesn’t only maintain our supplied products, but we also rectify and take care of all inquiries related to systems installed by competitors which usually require more often maintenance interventions.

Our Maintenance services includes, but not limited to:

  • Maintaining and aligning doors and windows system.

  • Installing high end quality flyscreens.

  • Creating new internal partitions and shower cubes.

  • Installing folding doors separators, canopies, pergola in existing and residential and commercial building.

  • Installing privacy glass for offices and private villas.

  • Replacing old balustrade system

  • Replacing broken glass panels.