Our railing systems made of cast aluminum, aluminum or inox type profiles and glass railing systems. It’s ideal solution for balconies, staircases and building enclosures for high architectural standards, offering an impressive and functional result with no view limit.

Glass infill panels is an ideal solution for balconies, stairs and building enclosures for high architectural standards, offering an impressive and functional result with no view limit.


  • Elegant line

  • Maximum security

  • Uninterrupted view

  • Free of maintenance

  • Patented system

  • Compliance with UNI EN 10807 & NFP01-013

  • Optional use of top handrail

  • Wide choice of colors : RAL, Sable & anodized 

NLG Cable Railing System is perfect for projects that desire a more commercial or nautical feel. Using quality 316 alloy cable and stainless steel hardware, our Cable Railing System performs in the harshest of conditions. NLG provides High quality commercial and residential Cable Railing System manufactured from extruded aluminum , steel or SS 316 framing members that are engineered to meet applicable building code specifications. We use heavy duty posts and rail assemblies to fit within the safety needs. We are able to provide a maintenance-free system that will remain durable for a lifetime.

Our Picket Railing System is simple, attractive, and strong. Widely specified for commercial and residential applications, the Picket Railing System utilizes square or round vertical pickets. Choose any one of our standard top rail options. Add our decorative cast or water jet/laser cut infill panels to create a unique architectural accent. 

Wire mesh creates a natural, woven look to the modular railing system.  Wire mesh is available in several options and customization is always available.  Using the same stainless steel within the posts, wire mesh is sometimes required as per building codes but that doesn’t mean it has to be a basic square design.  NLG Railings offers several options with a curve appeal and even a plaid pattern that can be fabricated within the balustrade.

Perforated metal infill panels add structural integrity to a stairwell, walkway or mezzanine, while offering an attractive appearance that can complement a variety of styles. Compared to wire mesh alternatives, perforated metal infill panels are stronger and cleaner-looking, making them a great choice for both pragmatic and architectural reasons. Perforated panels are available in a variety of customized patterns as per the architect choice.

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